Saturday, 11 November 2017

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada (Veterans Day in the US I believe).  A day to remember those who have and are fighting for our freedom.  

I was particularly sad on this one.   

It has been a rough start to the school year as my mother got very ill and passed away in September.   She was born during the Blitzkrieg. 

So I thought a lot about her during the last post, as well as my Grandfather who fought in WWII.  The freedom we have to learn, to love, to be who we want to be are a gift. 

Lest We Forget

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New Year Almost Here

New Year

It is almost a new year, at least as far as teachers go.  August 1st means many teachers start to turn their eyes towards September and planning and supplies and setup and .....

I am excited to meet and learn with my students this year.  

Math and Science are about many things, but exploration and finding patterns are key.  We try, maybe things don't work out, and we try again.

Prepare yourself for some adventure!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

End of the year

End of the Year 

Well, the end of the school year arrived. Reports were done.  End of year trips were done.  Graduation came and went.  The classroom is packed up for the summer.  I, and the students, learned a lot this year.  I had a very good group this past school year.  They were enthusiastic learners, and were willing to try all of my new ideas including a variety of new technology ones.  I will miss them a great deal.  See my previous post as to how they were my muses.

The day 5 math challenge was born out of a triple math period.  Both grade 8's had them.  I read a lot from Jo Boaler the last two summers, and, wanted to implement her principles.  I think that most important for my students was that mistakes are okay, and even important, and struggle is good.  It is okay to be a little slower as sometimes deep thinking takes time. I wanted them to also feel successful in math.  I wanted them to be active.  At graduation, the day 5 challenge came up many times as the best memory of grade 8.  I will be doing it again next year.  

We did many challenges and then I discovered Digital Breakouts (see another previous post).  The kids loved them.  They asked for them.  I delivered.  They take time to make but I got to be faster.  We learned together.  It was great!

The other thing I did this year was spend more time getting to know my students as people.  I spent breaks with them just listening and hanging out without any of the academic pressures.  I started this as an endeavor to be an external conscience but discovered that I liked listening to their stories.  It did help them think about what they did and said when I was in the room, but also when not in the room as they never knew when I would appear.  They claimed I had "psick ninja skills".  I just call it good timing, listening and awareness.  I also think that students respond better to you when they know you care about them as people.  It is true.   I also teach better as I get a better understanding of their interests, their needs and their strengths.   

As summer really kicks off, the problem is now disconnecting.  I actually do miss them.  I would often spend more time with them than my own family at home. So it is a bit hard trying to adjust.   Life will go on.  There are summer projects, reading and vacation time as well as planning for next year to do.  Indy, is already pretty happy as he gets to spend more time with me.  
Happy to be sprawled on the Deck
I wish them a fun summer.  I wish them good luck next year.  And I hope they remember some of the key lessons we learned no matter who teaches them in the future.   My students this year have been my inspiration, my raison d'etre and because of them I am a better teacher.   Future students will benefit.  

Enjoy your summer.  Recharge your batteries.  And, make math fun.  It really is worth it. 

Friday, 23 June 2017



Well, the grade 8's graduated last night.  They looked awesome, and I will miss them.  It was a special group this year who inspired a poem.  For all those who didn't get to hear it, it is a spoken word piece, so the printed word doesn't quite do it justice, but if you are interested here it is.  

Ode to the Graduates

This started as a song full of 12 bars in the blues
You see I’m sad to see you go, so the blues seemed the right mood
But then I thought oh my, then I'd have to sing..  
No no not good, that has a disastrous ring
So a poem it is, ode to the graduates of 2017

Where you will go and what you will be
It is yet to be seen
But hopefully you drop us a note periodically
To tell us how it is really all going, we are interested you see

Some will be teachers, or lawyers or doctors.
Some might just get their way paid through university or college.
Some will be chefs, CEO’s or artists in residence.
You will all definitely though be going places

It has been a most interesting year
We’ve moved classrooms and changed teachers
Walked through rain storms and had picnics
Climbed into toys which were really tight spaces
There have been some who have moved on to other places
But also a number of smiling new faces

There have been ups and there have been downs,
We have had some tears, some laughing and groans
The classes got juggled and mixed all around
But we persisted and kept going and came out the other side
Better and stronger and all together with pride

There have been sports, and a Math night, and an Arts night too
A few medals and records (Man did you see them, what a crew!)
The teachers in basketball, well, what can I say, oh yeah, we won
And no boys, that wasn’t cheating, that was me with no run
Challenges and breakouts made Math a lot more fun
We even explained them to others at the Digital Symposium

We had cake as a cell, and cars for our mice
Weren’t those projects really quite nice
You Ruled the three, and circled the lit
Ranted in English and Danced in Math class
You learned some history along the way.
Along with some French, Parlez vous Francais?
You made artistic renditions from wire and clay.
And banged on a bucket in a musical key.
And both you and I discovered the spinner, yippee.

You are a wonderful bunch with many skills, talents
and a few really funny jokes
I am still laughing at nobel prize - I might giggle forever it’s no surprise
You make me smile and think fondly of the year that we had.  
I really will miss you. Seriously, even with the bad.
And I hope for only good things in your futures to be
Just come back one day and tell us your stories

I now think of all that has been posted as I learned Instagramming
Did I just make up a word, it seems to be something I do, quite alarming
So here is the sum of the quotes I have posted, which I hope you can see were for your growth and advancement
As you move on from these Husky halls into the great world beyond

Be bold, be fierce, be kind and be fearless
Let no little voices say things can’t be accomplished
Don’t burn the bridges that you might one day need to be crossing
Your reputation should precede you with good and caring thoughts
not caution

To thine own self be true, and be the best self you can be  
The only person to be better than is the one you were yesterday.
Think before you speak, we can’t kill a word
You might be forgiven but forget is really hard

Things don’t get easier over time no they don’t
You just get stronger, and that is the truth be told
Life is not easy, but fight for what you want
If it is worth having it is worth the sweat, time and effort you put out

Time is a thing that is not the same for all
Be patient, be gentle and help others along

Take the time to find what might be your passion
Try new things, Be different. Be unique.  Wear socks with your sandals though it’s not my fashion
Don’t work too hard, cause play makes us better persons
Be the protector, and defender not the bully. Not the fraud.

And whenever you might have that small moment of doubt
Remember this my young friends, think back to this spot
Hear my voice, put it here
You can do it, you can. Let no one tell you not.
Remember, remember, for always and forever,
I doubt you not.  

We believe in you.  Your skills, your talent, your ability to do
What you set out to do
I believe in you

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Visual Math

Making Math Visual

I recently went to a lecture by George Hart and Elisabeth Heathfield (They have instructions and information on their website for many classroom activities).  I was inspired to see how George takes math and makes beautiful sculptures.  We got to try to make a Polylink triangle.  I have to say, I was not successful at that point. It takes me a while to get my mind around 3D objects and in the time we had, I couldn't quite visualize it yet. I did eventually figure it out (perseverance is something I do have) and have made several more.  

I was also fascinated by the hyperboloid.  Curves from straight lines - how cool  is that? So I made one at home too.
Looking down into hyperboloid

I brought these into my classroom to challenge and inspire my grade 8's.  We tried to make the Polylink with card stock but it is not stiff enough.  You really do need to use the craft sticks.  Some of my students really liked the hyperboloids though, so we started with small skewers which turned out okay.  I then got a group the large marshmallow roasting skewers, and that turned out great.  

Math can be about the beauty in the visual, and, is not just calculations and procedure.